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Irked Ranbir Set To Confront Jittery Deepika

Deepika Padukone opened her starry mouth and let out those priceless words: ‘I caught him red handed!’ The needle of suspicion of the moral compass swiftly pointed towards Ranbir Kapoor. And although, DP did later clarify to the scribe tribe that the barb wasn’t hinted at Ranby, it serve to step up the heat and spotlight on RK’s amourous side.

To compound matters further, DP and Sonam Kapoor did their round of Ranbir bashing on Karan Johar’s chat show ‘Koffee With Karan’ and thrashed his ‘playboy image’ leading to fresh rows, controversy and fall outs. The no holds barred take on RK’s libido in overdrive, his terrible ways as a boyfriend and more, has also gotten the goat of Ranbir.

Even as Deepika’s romantic ties with a certain Siddhartha Mallya are in fortifying mode, there was talk, reportedly emanating from DP, that Ranby was a confused male, a love struck puppy who was still hoping that she’d take him back.

On his part, RK seems to have figured it out, that the fountainhead of all these ugly rumours are sources close to his former flame. He’s mighty peeved with the fact that the calls that he made to DP and the SMSs that he sent her are being leaked to the media, making it seem as if he was chasing her all over again!

Reportedly, a meeting between the two ex lovers is on the anvil, as RK would like to get to the bottom of the mess. Word has it, that DP too is getting quite jittery over constant rumours about Ranby and her, buzzing the mediavine.

States a close source, “Ranbir is certain that somebody is planting stories against him in the media and he wants to nail the source.”

Although, insiders state that DP and RK, are making a concerted effort to stay cordial with each other, and even hugged each other in the studio corridor whilst filming for Karan’s chat show, the repercussions of K Jo’s telly beverage are evident. All the fun at RK’s expense, has boomeranged in her face and Deepika has already been ousted from Ranbir’s first ever world tour…

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