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Ranbir's midnight ruckus outside Deepika's door

Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone in Good Times

Not since Bipasha Basu was harassed in a Delhi five star by drunken fans and a persistent paparazzo, has the capital witnessed such activity in a hotel during the late hours. This time, the excitement was reportedly provided by Ranbir Kapoor.

The buzz is that Ranbir, on a visit to New Delhi to promote Raajneeti and also scout for locations for Rockstar, learned that his exgirlfriend Deepika Padukone was also in the city for a film shoot. Both stars were staying in separate hotels. But Ranbir, who apparently has confessed to friends that he has not gotten over Deepika, is said to have gotten lonely. And reportedly drove to the hotel where Deepika was staying.

Sources say it was late at night and Deepika was probably fast asleep. However, Ranbir began knocking on her door and asking to be let in for a night cap. The actress, naturally, is believed to have refused. “Finally, a director friend of both the stars intervened and asked Ranbir to return to his hotel. And the Kapoor kid left after an hour or so of much persuasion,” said a source. BT sent text messages to Deepika, who is in Mauritius for the shooting of Break Ke Baad, but didn’t get a reply from her. And to Ranbir, who was in Muscat for the premiere of Raajneeti, but couldn’t be reached.

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