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When Sonam Kapoor’s pants slipped down!

Sonam Kapoor might be applauded for her classy style, but she just diverted a wardrobe malfunction!

The actress, who is going around the city to promote her forthcoming film ‘Aisha’ was left embarrassed when during a press event, her pants kept on slipping off. What’s more is that the young diva had to literally pin-up her pants to hold them at her waist.

Confirming the news, a source said, “After the press conference, when Sonam started to interact with the media, her pants kept slipping off, and she was quite pre-occupied with her slipper pantaloons.”

What’s more is that Sonam didn’t even have the time to run to a restroom to fix her slipping pants. The actress decided to pin up her pants in front of the crowd. “She kept pulling them up again and again, but finally had to resort to pinning her trousers. The crowd was in splits,” adds the source.

Well, considering Sonam is known more for her fashion sense than her acting, it’s only fair that the actress gets her style right.

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