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Why Should You Watch "Drona"?

whats so special about Drona???

Cast – Abhishek Bachhan, Priyanka Chopra, Kay Kay Menon, Jaya Bacchan
Director – Goldie Behl
Screenplay – Goldie Behl, Jaydeep Sarkar
Music – Dhruv Ghanekar
Distributor – Eros International

What’s so special about Drona?
Firstly, you can expect Indiana Jones, Pirates of The Caribbean, and Harry potter kind of stuff in this film. According to director Goldie Behl, “it’s a blend of real and fantasy mixed.”

It’s a dark film he says. Similar to Hollywood movies, where villains are very powerful, Drona boasts of an all-powerful villain Kay Kay Menon. So, if you are thrilled by fantasy movies, sword fights, magical stuff – Drona is a movie you would not like to miss!!

1500 Special Effects!!
Drona will feature many special effects. In fact, Priyanka Chopra in an interview claimed that there are 1500 special effects in Drona!! After we’ve seen good special effects in movies like Krrish, Drona can be enchanting in terms of special effects.

Watch out the Indian Martial Arts:
Goldie Behl had incorporated lot of Indian Martial Arts in this film. Watch out for sword fights similar to the Mask of Zorro! Other Indian martial arts in this film include Chhau, Gatka, and Kalaripayat. Priyanka Chopra and Abhishek Bacchan were given extensive training in these arts for this film.

Why was Abhishek selected?
Goldie Behl, the director, says that this film deals with legacy and bloodline. Abhishek who is earthly-looking, yet majestic was thought to be the perfect fit for the film. Abhishek’s angry look just like his father Big B and his majestic appearance would make Drona a treat for Abhishek Bachhan fans. In this film, Abhishek plays the role of a savior whose mission is to rescue the world from evil powers.

His weapon: A magical sword, with emeralds and gold rubies. It has Sanskrit slokas written on it and it gives powers to the warrior.

Priyanka, what is she doing in Drona?
Priyanka in short says, ‘I have done a lot of action in this film.” Why? To protect Abhishek and assist him..sounds interesting. She actually learnt a Sikh form of martial art called Gathka for 20 days. Her wild, powerful look in Drona is very appealing. The long hair, kohli in her eyes, the turban with braids–.Priyanka Chopra admirers, are you listening?

Her weapon: A heavy wheel with small balls tied to it all along. When it turned around, it protects and deflects the weapons.

22 Crores!! The Cost of Evil:
The cost of Kay Kay Menon’s character in this film cost up to 22 crores. Kay Kay Menon plays a dark, negative role. You might see him doing stunts similar to the characters of Mortal Kombat, teleporting, creating fire, illusions, and stopping things mid air. To create his evil kingdom, they shot his character in Troja Castle in Prague, Czech Republic with a 200 plus team playing his army.

A Sneak peek at the Story:
A maharaja and his descendants had a divine duty to guard a treasure, which can impart immortality. Abhishek who’s supposed to be the descendant from the maharajas realizes his mission; and teams up with Priyanka Chopra and fights the powerful, evil powers to save the world.

The costumes, special effects, fights and Abhishek Bacchan heroics may as well make this film a blockbuster. Only time will decide this.

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